Take the Gains Train Straight to the Bank

Compete with other fitness fanatics for instant cash

Want to get paid for your athletic ability? Think you could beat others in a fitness competition? Gainsapp is just what you need. You can compete against other fitness enthusiasts all over the world for money. No gimmicks. No BS. Just cold, hard cash. Just think FanDuel meets Peloton. Or better yet, think of a fitness casino where you can bet on yourself!

We've got all kinds of people participating, including:

• Personal trainers/fitness influencers
• Competitors/athletes
• Wagers/Spectators

Release Date to Be Announced

Gains app provides a new way to connect, entertain and Reward the global fitness community

Compete LIVE against other users anytime, anywhere in the world

Earn a payout when you turn your workouts into a challenge for athletes