Gainsapp FAQs

Q. How long is the competition?

A. Competitions are 1- 5 mins long.

Q. What kinds of challenges will I find on GainsApp?

A. Creators have the freedom to create any kind of fitness challenge as long as it fits our time or rep based format

Q. What types of competitions are on GainsApp?

A. Competitions are either based on time or max reps. If it's timed then it means a competitor who can finish the challenge in the shortest time. If it's max reps then it means the competitor who can do the most reps before failure or in the allotted time. All exercise routines are welcome as long as it fits the 1- 5 min timed or max rep criteria.

Q. I am currently a personal trainer, what can I do on GainsApp?

A. As a personal trainer, you can turn your workout routines into challenges then be the judge and collect a fee for each event. You're guaranteed a pre-set % percentage of the competition pot that you're judging. Lastly, you can create/sell tokens that represent fractional ownership of yourself. Your community of followers that believe in you can invest in you by purchase of your shares tokens and In return they receive a dividend payout every time you earn.

Q. My fitness level is not advanced at all, is there something I can do on GainsApp?

A. Yes. You can enjoy being part of a global fitness community with access to personal trainers and athletes. You may place new bets or match bets with other users and/or invest in competitors and judges. If you make an investment in a competitor or a judge, you will receive a payout into your wallet every time they earn. Direct message trainers to get you ready for your next competition.

Q. How does GainsApp benefit the fitness community?

A. Gainsapp allows its users to operate as independent entities by building their community and income in one place. It keeps everyone connected, active, and earning money doing what they love to do.

Q. What's the difference between a bet and an investment on GainsApp?

A. A bet on GainsApp is when you place a new wager and match bets on upcoming competitions. If your person wins then you receive a PAYOUT from the person(s) you bet against.

An investment is when you buy and hold tokens that represent fractional ownership in competitors and/or judges. The
token gives you rights to future payouts from the competitors and/or judges. You make money whenever they make
money. You can trade or resell the tokens with other users.

Q. I already have a strong following as a fitness influencer on social media. Why should I join Gainsapp?

A. You can now turn your workout routines into challenges that create a new income stream for you. Gainsapp gives your audience another opportunity to continue supporting you and being rewarded for that support. Other platforms are one sided and set up to only financially benefit 1 party (the seller). On GainsApp, we go beyond likes and comments. When your audience believes in you, they will invest in you and receive a token they can hold in exchange for future
dividend payouts and you receive upfront income for their investment.

Q. Can I be a judge and a competitor on GainsApp?

A. Yes you can. The judge user role is the only user type that will require approval from GainsApp. At any time you can be a competitor or a spectator. Please note that you cannot compete or wager in challenges that you created.

Q. How does payouts work on GainsApp?

A. Each user that joins GainsApp will set up a digital wallet. There is a payout at the end of each competition and your portion will automatically go into your GainsApp wallet.

Q. Can I bet on myself?

A. Yes. All Competitors bet on themselves to enter each competition.

Q. Is there a limitation on how many times I can compete, judge or bet?

A. NO. There is no limit.

Q. What if the judge is cheating and making their friends win?

A. Gainsapp has a back end system that monitors judges to keep checks and balances. Gainsapp only approves judges that meet moral and professional standards. If a Judges is found to be in violation of community guidelines and/or terms of conditions, it will result in account deactivation.

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